my dream as a girl

         Since I was in high school, I dream of becoming good at computers, specifically on the hardware stuff so that when I will have my own computer or laptop, I will just be the one to operate and fix it.

        When I got older, my dream subsided, for I got BS development communication as my course in UPLB. I still tried to pursue computer science; however, I’m stucked with my course.


         Even though I wasn’t able to step ahead of my dream, I enjoyed being what I am right now (being a development communicator). I learned so many things especially on graphics design and the like. I still loved computers, but one of my dreams to travel around the Philippines soared high. I even want to become a documentarist or be a part of a production team that would be inclined in promoting development. Now that I’m nearing graduation, I would like to fulfill those dreams.

       So, my dream of being good with computers is still souring high. But now, I also wanted to have my own computer and coffee shop 10-20 years from now. After I work from the corporate world, I would be entering the enterprise world.

       Well, these dreams are my dreams and nothing can make me drop these just for a trial or two. It may be hard on my part but I wll still do the bast that I can do to fulfill these dreams.


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