FASTPREP: A New Dimension in Learning to Read

              Currently, I am working on my undergraduate research entitled “Analysis of an Educational Communication Strategy for Developing Reading Skills in a Month or Less Among Kids.” FASTPREP, Inc. Or Fast Track PROTEACH Reading Program is a Filipino-owned company which offers basic and advanced reading lessons among kids ages 4 to 6 in a month or less.

              Originally based in Los Baños, Laguna (Philippines), FASTPREP has now three other branches in San Pablo, Calamba and Sta.Rosa. During mid-2005, its founders have identified immense learning problems of Filipino school children that root down to their early foundations of reading where they have developed a new reading system program that offers a money-back guarantee – a strategy which makes it certain that the program is effective.

me and my fellow reading tutors
me and my fellow reading tutors

             During my early college years, I have worked at FASTPREP as a reading tutor. I taught kids between ages 4 to 6 and I have seen my students read simple sentences and words in as early as 15 days. Their combination of the learning goals and objectives, the lesson curriculum, the communication approach, the educational media, their physical set-up and time allotment as well as their evaluation procedures have made its reading program to enable kids read simple words and sentences in such a short span of time. Moreover, since this company is inclined in providing a solution to the early problems in literacy, specifically in reading, I got an eye for this phenomenon and choose this as topic for my undergraduate research in communication.

            In two months time, I’ll be a full-pledged BS Development Communication graduate. As of now, I’ll be doing my data gathering and analysis to further validate the effectiveness of the program. 🙂


6 thoughts on “FASTPREP: A New Dimension in Learning to Read

    1. Hi ms lenyremolano 🙂 When I worked there 5 years ago, part of the curriculum is to teach children how to read. As the student learns to read new letters and words, they are also taught how to write those letters so they can immediately distinguish one from the other. You can contact them at this number: (049)436-4851

      TLP Cpd Kanluran Road, UPLB
      Los Banos, Laguna
      View Map Location


      1. hello! i am from los banos and working here in Bonifacio Global City, I dont have landline at home. i just want to ask if they have their own site to inquire online?
        i just want to ask if there are offering summer classes. I want my son to go on a summer class for reading for him to enroll next school year as grade 1 student.. how much it would cost me? and the like?


      2. Hi Ms. Leny. As of the moment, I am not aware if Fastprep has their own website. They offer summer classes, as what I know. I would be referring your concern to the head staff in FASTPREP Los Banos but so far, only the landline is their contact number on file.

        I would be updating this reply in a few days once I received the feedback from Fastprep Los Banos. 🙂


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