The effort of Data Gathering


              For the past three weeks, I’ve been conducting my data gathering procedures. Here and there, I would contact essential people needed. My locale for my study includes FASTPREP in San Pablo, Calamba and Los Baños, and I can say that interviewing people is not that easy.

Traveling experience.

             As part of data gathering, I was travelling to different places just to reach my sources. I admit that it really need money, time and patience for this experience J. With all the increasing jeepney fare and the ever scorching heat under the sun while going to your locale, patience, hard work and determination is just what I need to carry on my undergraduate research. Without it, I may have given up even before the start of my data gathering.

Interviewing experience.

             I was able to take pictures in San Pablo and interview the reading tutors during my two-day stay there, except of course overnights J. I was able to meet new people and hence, I was able to handle their personality.


my interview at FASTPREP
my interview at FASTPREP

             There are those who are shy-type and doesn’t want to be interviewed, but through some convincing words, I was able to interview them. There are others who willingly participated and thus, told me lots of what I really need for my study. J There are also those people who really minimize the words they say for they only speak few words after each question. I can understand them because I was entering their property J. In my course of interviewing people, I realized that interviewing is a skill that needs improvement for a communication student like me. It may be hard (for all the setting of appointments and the interview itself) but then, if you really need that crucial information for your article, you should be resourceful in articulating your question and in building a rapport with your interviewee, just like what I experienced. J

        As I was doing my undergraduate research, I learned one thing: NOT TO GIVE UP! My graduation is just two months away and I know it’s not that easy (as I foresee my data analysis). But then, giving up is not my option this time. Not ever again. 🙂



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