when Im lonely..

I try to sleep much,, but it usually doesn’t help me cheer up again.. I end up feeling groggy and out of shape.

I try to be one of the “emo”,  isolating myself from people and friends.. I end up hearing stories about me tat I don’t like.

I try to read inspirational stories, especially those ones that help me cheer up .. I end up happy and light -headed but it only lasts for a few days.

I try to drink alcohol with my workmates, since they are heavy drinkers and I’m a first-timer, just to forget the loneliness I have.. I end up in a bad mood, bad breath and bad budget.

I try to blog often, since my way of expressing myself is through writing.. I end up having watery eyes and severely uncontented.

I try to listen to Christian songs and songs that uplift my heart,, since songs have a way of touching our hearts.. I end up feeling good and encouraged as well.

I try to read the Bible, since I was taught that reading the Bible is God’s communication with us.. I end hup having new perspectives about life and about my relationships.

Lastly,  I try to pray, since praying is OUR way of communicating with God, being extremely honest with our emotions and the way we look at life.. I end up feeling God work in my life in a newer and better way.

People may see me differently…. but one thing I can say.

It’s God who understands me better than anyone else.


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