love dare c/o fireproof

Because of boredom, I surfed the net to kill time. But it came to a point that checking facebook doesn’t matter anymore. I am tired of my internet addiction.

So, I watched FIREPROOF.

fireproof It’s a movie creatively shot for couples who’s on the brink of divorce.  Caleb is a a hero, a fireman and he’s out there to save lives but he cannot save his own marriage. Catherine, his wife, is tired of feeling humiliated with all their arguments that they both decided to have a divorce.

reading love dare

Wanted to save his marriage (well, not directly), he asked for advice from his father, which in turn, dared him for a challenge: THE LOVE DARE CHALLENGE. Each day, he’ll follow the book one at a time so he can eventually save his marriage from downfall.

Before halfway of the 40-day challenge, he almost wanted to quit. Catherine is not believing him for all his efforts. Until he realized that he cannot give love unless he has fully received it. So he accepted Jesus Christ.

The daysaving livess passed and he learned to treat Catherine the way she deserved to be. He learned to trust and wait on God’s answers. And while waiting, he just served the Lord by doing what he is meant to be: a fireman.

Eventually, 40 days have passed and still, he don’t have answers to his prayers. But on the 43rd day, his answer came. He had a chance to say sorry to Catherine and tell her that he can’t live without her. However, Catherine needed time to think.


It didn’t take long for her to realize that Caleb has truly changed because of Jesus Christ. Upon knowing that it is Caleb who bought the equipment for her parents and paid for everything, she didn’t have second thoughts. She went to the fire station and surprised Caleb —  to tell her she has forgiven him and she wanted to grow old with him.

They married again — this time, they vowed to be with each other for better of for worse, till death do us part. That they are to love each other completely and unconditionally.

2nd weddign2

The last part gives the whole idea of being a Christian in the married phase: Caleb realized that the love dare challenge is actually an idea of his mother to his father. That even though the partner is always rejected, always wanted to leave, the other half is to love unconditionally and through that gesture, Caleb’s father came to know Christ; was influenced by God’s love and that he passes it on to the next generation. Love dare is a challenging process in saving relationships, but most importantly, love dare is a challenging process of learning to love and trust GOD under all circumstances. 😀

After watching this movie, I am more than encouraged of God’s love and faithfulness. Hat’s off to Him!!! 😀


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