Quantum ready for “future classrooms”

Let your school take the lead.

In response to the Philippine government’s campaign to utilize ICT as a tool for learning, The Quantum Academy, Inc. in General Santos City launched GENYO, an online e-learning integrated program which serves as virtual classroom for both students and teachers.

GENYO, or Generation Youth, is powered by the two leading educational providers in Singapore and Philippines namely Marshall Cavendish Online and DIWA Learning Systems. Focused on the learning of today’s generation, GENYO is curriculum-based, student centric and promotes learning beyond the classroom. With the advent of technological advances, the internet will no longer be just for surfing, playing games, or watching videos but it will now be used for a more educational and enjoyable learning.

With an exclusive online subscription, Quantum students are able to browse different multimedia tutorial lessons and quizzes for English, Math, Science, Filipino and Araling Panlipuan/Hekasi that they can review either at school or at home for enrichment purposes.

In addition to this, teachers benefit from this online learning website as it serves as their tool for creating their own online lessons, games and tests that they can send to the student’s accounts for easier follow-up.

“For me, I like the online tests because it allows me to create the quiz earlier before the class and it lessens my work in checking the papers of my grade 1 students. With GENYO, I can immediately track the student with the highest score and give them a reward by allowing them to play a game after the quiz,” said Teacher Chiene, grade 1 adviser.  She also said that in subjects like Science and Sibika at Kultura, GENYO is also a big help because those things that cannot be easily pictured out by students, they can show through GENYO.

Teachers can also customize their lessons in GENYO that is much more suitable for their lessons. They can select lessons from GENYO, upload their own file or search from other websites and combine it to one single lesson that they can show to the students during class or even send it to their accounts.

“I really like GENYO because it helped me a lot especially in preparing visual aids. It’s very hard for me to look for pictures and materials for their TLE class, but with the help of GENYO, I can easily assign a lesson from YouTube, filter all the videos related to our lessons and show it to class,” shared Teacher Jennifer, a high school Technology and Livelihood Education teacher.

Even minor subject teachers of Music, TLE and Computer benefit from the advantages of using GENYO.

As Teacher Dealson of Computer subject said, “I use the offline homework feature of GENYO because it allows me to check the works of the students easily, without looking at their folders in each computer. Even at home, I can easily download their work and start checking. ”

Since the student’s lessons are delivered via the World Wide Web, classroom discussions come alive as the interactive multimedia content like animations, colorful graphics with audio and videos easily catch the student’s attention. Aside from enjoying these visuals, the students are also able to do their seat works or quizzes online either in Math, Science, English or Hekasi.

Quantum students also became highly participative in the school activities supported by GENYO. With the GENYO Pagsulat ng Sanaysay and the GENYO English Essay Writing Contest, they are able to squeeze out their creative juices in writing essays using the computer. Students in grade school and high school also had a glimpse of graphics design by creating their own poster and slogan using MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop.

“I like the poster and slogan contest because it gives us an idea on how we can be as creative as possible using technology, plus we are being competitive because we aim to get the medal,” shared Kate Montecillo, a grade 6 student.

Other activities supported by GENYO are the Battle of the Brains, LTRLinx Challenge, Gawad Genyong Guro (G3) and essay contests for both teachers and students.

GENYO is also used as a supplementary material for students who needed further review and follow-up on their lessons.  As such, The Quantum Academy, Inc. maximizes the use of GENYO and takes the lead in the academic community.

For further information, you can log on to www. genyo.com.ph.  #


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