7 tips when you’re away from home (For my co-LIS and Batch 4)

Hi guys!


I know we’re on the same boat now – adjusting to a new environment, new people and especially new situation.


Trust me, I’ve been there before — a year ago. It’s not that easy to adjust ( I know coz’ I’ve been there!) but take heart! I know you’ll make it.


Kung ako nga, nakaya ko nang isang taon, kayo pa kaya???


This is my 2nd year here in General Santos City and at The Quantum Academy, Inc. 

During my first year, I didn’t know anybody except for Al and my relatives living here.

Wala akong masyadong kakilala, wala akong permanenteng bahay, malayo ang bahay ng tita ko at isa pa, hindi ako marunong magbisaya.

Take note: Bisaya ang salita dito kaya naman halos maubos ang dugo ko sa pakikipag-usap sa mga tao.



One week passed. Nakahanap na ako ng boarding house malapit sa school. Malayo kasi ang bahay ng mga relatives ko.

Mahirap kasi wala akong gamit. Damit lang. Kelangan ko ng kama kaya naman naubos ang extra money ko para makabili lang ng bed.

Naho-homesick na rin ako kaya naman naghanap na ako ng church na pwede kong puntahan every weeked.


Two weeks passed. First salary as LIS. Compared to my previous salary, I need to budget my money for my personal belongings.

Nagwork na ako sa call center before and malaki ang difference. Pero iba pa rin pag gusto mo ang ginagawa mo, pina-practice mo ang course mo

at nag-eenjoy ka sa trabaho mo. This is my choice and I think this new experience will help me a lot in my life’s journey.


Three weeks passed. Naiiyak na ako sa sobrang boredom pag nasa dorm. Wala akong communication sa mama ko kundi ang cellphone with a Sun simcard.

Smart ang gamit nina mama kaya di ako makatawag. Buti na lang nagdala ako ng libro para di ako mabore. Nagpupunta rin ako dito sa plaza para di mabore.

But after the incident when someone talked to me in straight Visayan accent and we CLEARLY have miscommunication, I rarely go there; well, unless I’m with someone. 🙂



Four weeks passed. Medyo ka-close ko na ang mga teachers. Lagi na rin ako binabati ng mga students dito. Pag may activities, isinasama na rin ako dito sa school.

Medyo masaya na kaso andon pa rin ang pagiging homesick ko, lalo na’t mag-isa lang ako.

Kaya naman nung magsweldo, bumili kaagad ako ng phone para makausap ko sina Mama. Nakaconference ko rin ang ibang co-LIS ko using globe (nag-endorse?!)

kaya di na ako masyadong nalulungkot. Sila na kasi ang iniistorbo ko. You know who you are.


Months after months.  Busy na sa school kaya di na ako masyadong nalulungkot. Plus, I have friends na nakakakwentuhan ko pag gabi.



See. I have my own story. Pero nakaya ko. After some contemplations, I think these tips can practically help you if you’re away from home for a long time:


1.) Dream big.

Just like Peter Pan, you need to think happy thoughts to soar high. Have a long term goal. Dream and achieve. If we have dreams, we have life.


2.) Find a church.

 I know we have different beliefs. But mind you, when I’m down, I’ll go to church and pray. It’ll ease the feeling of loneliness.

In my case, I’m a Christian so I looked for a church here. During weekends, I spend my time not only in the boarding house but also with my churchmates.


3.) Explore.

During your free time, explore the place. You have lots of weekends to do that. ^_^

Being assigned in a far place can be an advantage because you get the chance to explore the natives and the beauty of nature.

You can have a “me” time or you can find friends you can hang out with.


4.) Befriend the teachers and students.

They will be your constant companion for the whole school year so better be friendly and flash your sweetest smile every time you go to school to school.

They will appreciate it and in the long run, it will be an advantage coz in times of need and loneliness, they can be your constant companion and friend.

Kaya ako nahilig manood ng movie dito dahil sa mga co-teachers ko. haha.


5.) Share your experiences with friends.

Just because you don’t have a bestfriend on that place whom you can completely trust, you’ll just sulk in one corner and accept the fact that the situation is very hard and you want to give up.


Well, if that’s the case, you’re one of those who don’t have a dream. As I said earlier, dream big. If obstacles come, accept it, share it with a friend and move on.

Life is much happier if you share your life with another person near you.


6.) Learn to know who to trust.

According to Wikipedia, trust means relying on another person or entity.

You may have a hard situation to adjust to, but if you trust God and you learn to trust HIM that your current situation is just temporary, then, you’ll have a hope that it will eventually become better.


7. ) Happiness is a choice.

Human emotions come and go. Situations in life are temporary. However, it will always be your decision whether to be happy or not. Life is short to live a life on what ifs.

Whatever your situation maybe, be thankful and be happy. Look at the opportunities in difficulties instead of difficulties in opportunities. Every moment is precious. Learn to appreaciate.

O di ba, ako na ang may mahabang note. Ngayon lang uli ako nagblog ng ganito.


Well, I’ve learned all these the hard way. I hope that you can also use this to survive.



GENYO team, kaya natin ‘to. Tayo pa, eh magagaling tayo. DI BA???!!!! ^_^


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