Experienced Good Customer Service

I learned something new today: Ipage got good customer service and was able to configure my website mail to Outlook 2007.

From itswyza.wordpress.com, I’ve upgraded my blog to host my domain itswyza.com. I’ve started last December 2013 and for the past seven months, I’ve been so busy at work I didn’t have time to tinker my online personal hub.

It has been my dream since college to create my website, have an online portfolio, and record my daily activities. After 6 years, I’ve reached the first part of my dream by having my domain and own website. I’ve used wordpress to at least have my readers something to know about me, while I’m on the process of learning web development and web design so that I can develop a functional website from scratch (Second part of my dream is to work freelance and have a business online). Now, I’ve realized that to enhance my online presence and engage my readers is to have a functional mailbox and answer any queries that come.

I’m using ipage.com for my web hosting and so far, I got good customer service (That’s what I look first before signing up for any service). Before I signed up with them, I asked so many questions and they were helpful enough. Today, I asked a bit stupid question and they were still good enough to accommodate me.

Well, I asked them how to delete my mailbox from the control panel. It’s a bit stupid to ask that from a tech support, since there’s google and there’s the ipage knowledge base. I looked through the webpages, but my problem was when I’m looking at the mail central, I can’t see any check box! So there, I admit, I’m a bit stupid on that part, but heck, we are all learning anyway. šŸ™‚ I’m just happy because the representative at ipage helped me. šŸ™‚

So there, she gave me this link to delete mailbox

Delete Mailbox from Ipage Control Panel

Once it’s complete, I was then moving on with the task to configure my webmail (info@itswyza.com) to my Outlook 2007 so I can immediately check for any incoming emails. With that, I know I’m one step ahead with developing my site .:)

Click Ipage – Setting up Email Client to know more.


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