Since 2008, it has been my dream to have my own website. After 5 years, I made this dream into a reality when I purchased my own domain and hosting account for my brand — Why itswyza? My name is Yza (way-za), but it is mistakenly pronounced as ee-za. Whenever people call me that name, I always remember a sexy star way way back when I was a child and I am far from being that. Besides, I think Yza (wyza) is just as unique as any other name. So, to reiterate, itswyza. 🙂

Now, about my dream, it has been my frustration to work on websites, build a new one and know the ins and outs of using one. I am not a programmer (and yes, it is still a frustration to be one), hence, it is very hard for me to make this dream a reality.

Nevertheless, in that span of five years, I’m already blogging my personal thoughts via and sharing bits of me to anyone who cares to read. There are a couple of followers who get interested with my musings —  and you may be one of them. What I wanted to do in the next days, or months, or years, is to make time in my busy life to share something that would help you be inspired in one way or another. So what do I do to meet this personal and social need? I have decided to post my inspirations, particularly things I will learn during our Victory group, about how to further cultivate our relationship with Jesus. Also, I will post random notes I’ve taken when I was in college, may it be tips and techniques with the courses I took, or the thesis I’ve already written but I still wanted to share the results. Lastly, I will regularly post updates here on my personal thoughts about my dreams, career, life and love.

Now, what will happen with my website? I’m planning to convert it from a simple blog to my online portfolio. I’ve already started and I’ve had enough tinkering with the wordpress dashboard. I’m planning to sort those posts I’ve had about Genyo, our e-learning product, instructional design and educational technology. I’ve accumulated enough content because in my five years of working experience, I became interested with these fields:

  • instructional design
  • learning and technology
  • training and development
  • educational technology
  • product development
  • project management
  • desktop publishing

A quick background: I’ve worked three years at our training department; thus, I gained the confidence to speak and prepare for our training sessions. I also learned how to deal with several types of people — from the high level principal, the passionate teachers, the enthusiastic (and sometimes mushy, petty and youthful) students to the corporate employees and deal with corporate practices. Working in a corporate world and being previously assigned at the field, particularly in schools, gave me the ability to work and deal with people from both sides of the spectrum.

Then, when I moved on and transferred to the product development department, I gained basic skills in project management, instructional design, and desktop publishing. Today, I’m still learning more as greater responsibility has been entrusted to me and because of that, I am exploring several project management tools that I can use to simplify my life with this big project. While greater responsibility has been given to me, I am much more inclined to work on my other projects — that is, work on my online portfolio and update that website with everything it has to do with my work, instructional design and educational technology (I realized I needed to focus on my niche).

I am just thankful that WordPress is so easy to use with all the features and all the plugin available out there in the cyberspace. Maybe, in the future, I will be upgrading my online portfolio into something that will allow me to earn enough money but as of the moment, I’ll focus on working the aesthetics of my online hub and designing it in such a way to further market my brand — itswyza, a one-stop hub to acquire freelance services on e-learning production and instructional design in the Philippines.

Thus, you can check my personal blog about life, religion and love via For my online portfolio/blog on work, I’ll be posting here at


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