The Science Behind Effective eLearning Design

World of Technology Trends

A design, in general, is never random. It is purely a product of intention, plan and choice. It is always good to put in effort to make an appealing design, but at the same time, one needs to make sure that the design is effective and practical.
No matter how beautiful the design is, but if it does not communicate with the target audience, it would not be of any use.
If you learn about the science behind effective eLearning design, you would be able to communicate with your learners and help the understand more about your subject, change their perceptions and their way of thinking.

Characteristics of a Good eLearning Design
If you think colors, imagery, contrast, fonts and shapes are the only parameters that help you judge a design’s appeal, you need to stop thinking that way. There are other things that add more to a design’s appeal.

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