Inspired by Teachers

Just today, my task was to compile all the videos of The Many Faces of a Teacher from their facebook page. The Many Faces of a Teacher (TMFT) is an advocacy campaign of Bato Balani Foundation to provide inspiration to educators alike that being a teacher is a very noble profession, and that the sacrifices they do for their students, their region, their country are honored and celebrated. And so, I set on my task and checked out their Facebook Page:

A Few to Inspire the Many: A Tribute to Teacher


Upon clicking each video link, it is inevitable that I get to watch each educator and how they are considered as the true catalysts of change in their barrio, in their classroom, and in their region. For this year 2017, I learned about the four (4) TMFT honorees and their story. Maybe, instead of sharing their story, I would recommend that you go watch their videos:


Teaching for Renewal

Dr. Bernadeth Bernalte Gabor, PhD


Caring for Wildlife for a Better Life

 Dr. Aimee Lynn Barrion Dupo, PhD


Creating Solutions through Science

Mr. Ronaldo Reyes


Keeping the Culture Alive

Ms. Lord Jane Caballero Dorda


Also, the videos for the 2014 – 2016 honorees are posted in this page:

A Tribute to Teacher: 2014 – 2016 videos


Upon watching each video of the teachers, I marvel at how passionate each of them in teaching. But more than just teach, I also realized they are zealous in their pursuit to uplift the lives of their students, community members, colleagues, and continue to inspire their fellow countrymen in their service. I’ve thought to myself, “Do I have the same purpose? Do I have the same zeal in what I believe in? Do I make a move to uplift the lives of my fellow countrymen? What is it that I really like doing that can help other people?”


Lately, I’ve been contemplating on my dreams and goals, and if I compare myself to these teachers, I have nothing to boast. However, I am inspired to at least become a catalyst of change wherever God has placed me. Currently, God has given me a career where I enjoy developing materials, innovating, and sharing my thoughts to people. I get giddy when I am able to try new EdTech stuff, and I get serious when I am given the chance to brainstorm how we can use this to put inside the classroom [and make a difference]. I just thank God for giving me a career where I can work and play at the same time.


How about you? Have you found your place in this world yet? Are you just like me who still doesn’t know what to do next in your life? 

Well, my friend, you are not alone. After being rejected for my scholarship applications, I am confused on what to do next. I guess, one thing is for sure: whatever we do in this life will make an impact to other people. The question is, will you make it a positive, or a negative one?


As for me, I’m leaving everything in God’s hands. I do not know yet what the future may hold, but I have that hope that whatever I will do in the future, God will use me to make a positive impact to another person/s. πŸ™‚

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