the enthusiast

Yza Santiago, also known as ayza, or wyza, graduated from the University of the Philippines Los Baños with the degree BS Development Communication. She majors in Educational Communication, which enabled her to learn things in graphics design, visual aids and materials production, documentary and other video production skills. She wants to be part of a production team of a development-oriented program to practice her skills in communication, public affairs and community works.

During her college years, she participated in the activities of Victory Christian Fellowship Los Baños and became part of the teamworshipLB – Mix team. TeamworshipLB is the joint team of the music team, IT(media) and technical support(mix) team. To honor God and pursue His kingdom, this team works together to conduct excellent services for God’s glory. She also became a kid’s teacher during Sunday services in her third year.

As she participated in religious activities, she also honed her skills by attending seminars to practice her craft. She joined the Kid’s Annual Teacher’s Annual Training Seminar for kid’s teachers, 1st I-Witness Documentary Seminar to practice her video production skills and the 1st Pre-AMIC Conference to widen her horizon on online journalism and blogging.

As a girl, she dreams of becoming part of a production team engaging in a development-oriented program. She wishes to increase her knowledge and experience in this kind of work as well as pursue for the development of this country.

As a frustrated Computer Science student, she excels in learning to use various software for production activities. She also finds ways to further improve her skills in basic computer troubleshooting.

Currently, she spends her free time watching movies,  chatting with friends, surfing the net and blogging. She worked in a call center industry with an internet service provider account. Now, she’s working as a full-time learning integration specialist at DIWA Learning Systems, Inc. and currently based at The Quantum Academy, Inc. in General Santos City where she enjoys her time promoting the use of technology in the classroom with the teachers and the students.

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