Yza Santiago

Hello there.

I'm Yza, and you can pronounce my name as wy-za. I'm a curious designer who combines rapid prototyping with visual and interaction design to solve product challenges focused in equipping users with improved knowledge and skillset.

As a designer, my extensive professional experience includes developing educational products where data can be transformed into thoughtful interactive solutions. I specialize in product design and development with the goal of on-time product delivery. I do this while working in tandem with developers, marketing and management teams to ensure user needs are aligned with business goals. 

During my free time, I am either reading a book, writing a blog, or taking care of my rescue dogs and cats. I also like to learn a lot, that's why when online courses became a thing, I took the opportunity to improve myself.

Do you have a product you want to manage and design but unable to do so? Feel free to download my resume and reach out through my social media pages and we will solve your challenges together.

Truly Yours,