What is Love?

Recently, I've come to reflect about my personal definition of love when a friend asked  my perspective on it. It was such an abstract concept that people tend to give various definitions to it based on their experiences. After contemplating on love, I've realized this is my personal definition:


I Write Because..

I write because I see. I write because I read. I write because I feel. I write because I laugh. I write because I get sad. I write because I think. I write because I listen. I write because I am angry. I write because I am hungry. I write because I am happy. I … Continue reading I Write Because..

How I Started Reading for Pleasure

I've started 2018 right by reading a couple of books despite my busy schedule. It's difficult to squeeze in time for reading when I've got other activities, but I'm sooo loving the feeling of being encouraged, empowered or inspired after reading a book so I'm going to keep on this pace. Last year, a friend … Continue reading How I Started Reading for Pleasure

Relationship Rules

Janice Hoffman outlines her Relationship Rules in one book. Read more to know these rules.

My 5th Climb: Treasure Mountain Experience

What's your experience of hiking?