What is Love?

Recently, I've come to reflect about my personal definition of love when a friend asked  my perspective on it. It was such an abstract concept that people tend to give various definitions to it based on their experiences. After contemplating on love, I've realized this is my personal definition:


Relationship Rules

Janice Hoffman outlines her Relationship Rules in one book. Read more to know these rules.

Under the Stars

Under the Stars [Poem]

New Favorite Songs

I found some new video inspirations! 🙂

My Love Letter to FL p1

Dear Future Lover (FL), How are you tonight? You know, I've been waiting for you for a long time. I've been to several places in the Philippines and I've kept a journal so that someday, when we meet, I'll be telling you all those stories. You know how I miss you when I travel alone? … Continue reading My Love Letter to FL p1