I have Questions and God Answered 

Every year, my spiritual family in Victory (globally known as Every Nation) gathers to participate in a week-long prayer and fasting (P&F). It is the time where instead of choosing our desires, we choose God.  This year's P&F is special for me. Our topic is "Knowing God" intimately. This is the year I'm also believing … Continue reading I have Questions and God Answered 


Waiting on God

Let me share a chapter of my love story. Ten years ago, I was a gal innocently going through the motions of life. I was a high school student, A lister, a nerd (as they say) and just a normal looking person who is wishing for a God-written love story. But the world has its … Continue reading Waiting on God

God will write my own love story

Now, it's high time to get emotional. I'm alone and the reality kicks in: I'm feeling lonely in this time of the year. While writing this, several thoughts came morphing into my mind. Why this? Why that? I hope it's like these and that. I know God has saved me from my past and He … Continue reading God will write my own love story