Lineage of Grace & Sons of Encouragement

For the past month, I have been reading the book series Lineage of Grace and Sons of Encouragement by Francine Rivers. I have been affected by these books in such a way that it is necessary to blog about the wisdom and the faith I’ve learned along the way.


For my next series of posts, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about each book as an answer to the Seek and Find portion. I hope that you’ll bear with me and be encouraged eventually.


To start, I’ll give you a background as to why I’ve chosen the series. As a Christmas present, a friend gave Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I enjoyed reading the book as it allowed me to immerse into the author’s unconscious and conscious mind about the protagonist’s coming of age while in the university. It talked about love, death, depression, sex and how these can affect the person mentally and emotionally. However, the after-effect of the book made me go back to the reason why I veered away from books dealing with such things:


Depression is just lurking any time of the day, and my mind is a battleground I need to defend from the enemies. Whatever I put into my mind will affect me spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Books and music are my weapons to keep defending my battleground against the enemy.


I have been depressed for a few days, so when I chanced upon Francine Rivers (my fave author) and her book series in Kindle Store, I bought the books and was not disappointed so far. Here’s a quick description of each series:


  • Lineage of Grace is a book compilation about the stories of five women in the Bible who have become part of the lineage of Abraham to Jesus Christ. These women — Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary — have been mentioned in the Bible for their faith in God, and their stories tell about the risks they have to take to show their faith and fulfill their calling. This book has been 2009 Retailer’s Choice Award winner, and no wonder why. I have finished 3 of the 5 books and I felt compelled to write my own realizations to share to you.
  • Books included: Unveiled, Unashamed, Unshaken, Unspoken, Unafraidlineage-of-grace_300


  • Sons of Encouragement tells us about the stories of five men in the Bible who supported and stood behind the heroes of the faith in their journey to lead the people of God. These men — Aaron, Caleb, Jonathan, Amos and Silas had their hearts turned towards God. As each man responded to God’s call to support His chosen leaders, each became a man with courage and purpose, and eventually changed the course of history for the Israelites, and for anyone who believes in God.
  • Books included: The Priest, The Warrior, The Prince, The Prophet, The Scribesons-of-encouragement_3001

So there. A short description apt for the series of posts I’ll be writing in the next days or weeks. Though these series have been only a work of fiction; these, however, definitely gave me an idea on what could have transpired during the old testament times. It arouse in me faith like no other, especially when reading the miracles God made through Moses and Joshua. I admit, I have a hard time reading through the old testament, but these work of fiction gave me a reason to look forward to reading those stories in the Bible again.


For anyone interested in reading the books in the series, I highly recommend it! You can even refer to the Old Testament stories in the Bible if you wanted to have a peek at what will happen at the end. Hehe.


Lastly, the books are good for group discussion with its Seek and Find portion. Definitely, if you’re up to learning more and applying it to your daily life, you can answer those and have a conversation with your trusted friends. These will be a good introspection practice on your end. 🙂



Under the Stars

Under the stars, I’m waiting
My soul yearns, it longs for more
I can hear the crickets singing
But the night’s cacophony is
drowning any song


Where are you, my dear?
My eyes see the vast plains
My ears hear the wind as it blows
But you, my love is nowhere to be found
When will I know you’re here?
Will we ever meet again,
Or only in my dreams?


The mind wanders, the heart flutters
My soul yearns to hear your voice
How long will I wait to show you my affection
Is it ever enough to bide for your love?


I passed by the road less traveled
And I’ve stayed to meet you there someday
But it’s not that easy, my love
It’s not easy as it really should be


Everyday, I ask myself
Everyday, people ask me why
Why I’ve chosen to be special,
To be different and unique


When it is just so easy to blend in
I’ve chosen to stand out and be distinct,
Because in my heart, I know,
Together someday,
we can be distinctly unique.


So under the stars, I’m waiting
I’m waiting for you, my darling
I can hear the crickets singing
I can see the darkness fleeting
And even in the night’s cacophony,
I’ll trust the peace within.

Puso o Isip?

Pusong iniingatan, nasaan ka na?
Bakit nawala ka sa dati mong kinalalagyan
Bakit nga ba tumatalon ka na lamang nang biglaan?

Nandito lang ako, sabi ng puso ko
Nakatingin, nakatitig, nag-aabang
Nararamdaman ko ang nais mong ipaalam
Pero may pagkakataong ang paghihintay
ang isang bagay na dapat ipaglaban.

Maghintay ka!, sabi ng isip ko
Alam mo namang sa pagmamadali, walang
magandang kahihinatnan
Lahat ng bagay, may tamang panahon
Sa bawat panahon, may nararapat kang matutunan at ipangalandakan.

Ngunit bakit ganito, hindi ko maipaliwanag aking nadarama
Sa isang banda, nais ko sya’y laging makasama
Sa bawat sandali na nais ko syang makita
Tanging ninanais ay lubos ko syang makilala.


Minsan, puso, ika’y mapanlinlang
Minsan mo na akong dinaya sa iyong mga nararamdaman
Ngayong may pagkakataong ihayag ko ang aking mga ideya
Di ko na hahayaang masaktan pa sya
Sapagkat, ikaw puso, at sya na ating pagkatao,
ay nais kong maging masaya.


Isang beses lamang ako nagkamali, isip
Sa dinami dami ng ating pinagdaanan
Hindi mo ba hahayaang ang ating mahal na pagkatao ay tuluyang maging maligaya?


Sa isang pagkakamali mo, puso
Natutunan kong maging malakas
Natutunan kong unahin muna ang sarili ko
Sa bawat pagkakamali na nagawa mo
Hindi lang ikaw ang nasasaktan, pati ako
Sa bawat pagkakamali mo, lagi mong tatandaan
Ang aking mga natutunan ang syang magbibigay
direksyon sa iyong tatahaking daanan
Tama ka, isip, hahayaan kitang mag-isip
Pero hindi mo mapipigilan, aking nadarama kahit isang saglit
Pag-ibig na syang kakaiba
Alam mo namang hinahanap-hanap ko na.

Mas makabubuting hindi tayo magtalo
Bagkus, hayaan natin sya sa kanyang mga plano
Kung may balanse sa iyong damdamin at sa aking ideya
Sigurado, pag-ibig na wagas at tunay, kanya nang madarama.


O puso at isip, hindi ko alam sino ang susundin sa inyo
Isa lamang ang alam ko, naguguluhan ako
Sino ba dapat ang pakinggan, si isip o si puso
Para maramdamang tunay
ang pagmamahal na kay tagal nang hinintay?
Tama! Isa lamang ang alam ko na dapat gawin
Sa Maykapal, siguradong ako’y diringgin
Hahayaan ang puso maramdaman ang sarap ng pag-ibig
Hahayaan ang isip magsabi ng dapat gawin
Ngunit sa lahat ng ito, hahayaang ang Maykapal ang magdikta ng aking damdamin.

Ngayon alam ko na
Hindi na ako magugulumihanan pa
Puso man o isip ang syang paiiralin
Kung ang Maykapal ang may huling salita
Sa aking mahal, ako’y lubusang mamahalin.


Have you ever loved someone?
Have you ever felt the feeling that you have found the one?
Well, in my case, I don’t know if he’s right guy for me
But I always prayed to God that, someday, somehow, he would be my destiny.

Ok, I know I’m still young and have lots of things to learn
But what can I do? I am only a human, a being capable of loving
I know I must first have great titles to earn
Before I can venture in the world full loving and caring.

I guess you’d be surprised if I tell you that I hate him at first
“We are competitors,” that’s what I tell myself at most
He competes with me in academics and so am I
I don’t even care if he’s a cutie pie.

When our paths would meet, we would avoid each other
When we must work together, we always choose another
I don’t like him I don’t know why
Maybe because he always competes with me and makes me cry.

For almost two years, we were always like these
We didn’t do anything that would make each other please
Until one day, I just realized I badly needed his help
Because I couldn’t finish that work only by myself.

And so, I humbled myself and asked him to help me
Even though I know we didn’t treat each other fairly
He gladly lend a hand and helped me with my work
Even though he knows I avoid him at most.

By this gesture, it surprised me a lot
And because of this, I admire him somewhat
This admiration grew as time passed by
For I became a friend with this kind of guy.

I planned to tell him what I felt about him
But then, the opportunity I see was somewhat dim
For a friend told me that he is longing for another
And so, my dreams with him were really broken after.

Now, I’m trying hard to forget that he’s really the one
But I know in my heart that my feelings are still not gone
I’m still hoping and praying that someday we will be
But for now, I guess I’ll just reach out what I wanted to be.

*This is a poem I’ve written last January 16-17, 2005 for my speech communication course.

My inspiration for this poem: my first crush in high school. 🙂


pen and paper
Ang tulang ito ay pinasulat sa amin ni Sir Dennis Aguinaldo on our last day of classes sa Humanities 1. Ito ang tulang ginawa ko lamang sa loob ng 5 minutes dahil inoorasan kami ni Sir. Kung ano man ang iniisip ko, iyon na ang isiulat ko at hindi ko na binago. Dito, lumabas ang creative juices ko. Para sa ibang tao, dito na lalabas kung ano man ang tunay na laman ng damdamin ng isang tao.

“Ang hawak mo lang ay papel at ballpen, tapos sa loob ng limang minuto, iyon lang ang oraas mo para gawin ang mga huling bagay dahil papatayin na kita. Ngayon, hawak ang papel at ballpen, anong isusulat mo?”



Malapit nang kunin ang buhay ko
Malapit nang matapos ang lahat ng ito
Konting oras na lang ang natitira
Upang ihayag ko ang aking nadarama.

Hindi ako mabuti, iyan ang masasabi ko
Hindi rin naman masama ang mga ginawa ko
Ngayon, ang tanging nais ko lang gawin
Ay ang ibigay sa mga mahal ko ang kanilang hinihiling.

Alam ko, oo, di ko magagawa iyon
Wala akong kapangyarihan upang gawin iyon
Pero ngayon, ang tangi ko lang magagawa
Ay ang isulat ang aking nadarama.

Gusto kong magpasalamat sa aking ina
Gayon din naman sa aking ama
Gusto kong sabihing mahal ko ang kapatid ko
Pati na rin siyempre ang kaibigan ko’t kabaro.

Humihingi ako ng tawad sa mga nagawan ko ng kasalanan
Minsan, alam ko, hindi ako naging mabuting anak at kaibigan
Ngayong aalis na ako, gusto ko na lamang sabihin sa inyo
Salamat, patawad, pupunta na ako sa dapat paroonan ko.