What is Love?

Recently, I've come to reflect about my personal definition of love when a friend asked  my perspective on it. It was such an abstract concept that people tend to give various definitions to it based on their experiences. After contemplating on love, I've realized this is my personal definition:


Back to Basics

I've been contemplating these past weeks whether or not to dedicate this page to purely my career goals. As you may have noticed, I've deleted some of my posts that reveals the personal side of me, well, maybe because I wanted to focus on helping people know more about educational technology and as it happens … Continue reading Back to Basics

Lineage of Grace & Sons of Encouragement

I've been reading these books by Francine Rivers and I'm not disappointed. Here's my intro overview before I start posting book reviews in the next few weeks! 🙂

Under the Stars

Under the Stars [Poem]

Answers to Prayers

Are you in faith for new things this year? Let me encourage you with some answers to my prayers.