Tribute to Teachers

Every year, we have been recognizing select teachers from all over the Philippines for their exemplary contribution on the field of education.

Our sister company, Bato Balani Foundation, Inc (BBFI), founded an advocacy campaign to extol the virtues of teaching by providing role models who inspire excellence not only for educators but for most Filipinos as well. This advocacy campaign is called, “The Many Faces of a Teacher”.

Private or public entities can nominate a teacher to be honored and recognized by BBFI in an annual gala gathering called “Tribute to Teachers”, in front of hundreds, sometimes thousands of educators. These nominees are then filtered, interviewed and selected by panel of judges from different sectors involved in the development of the education in the country. Four honorees are selected each year and recognized as leaders and unsung heroes in the teaching profession — those who can become sources of inspiration and knowledge for both teachers and students.

I have the opportunity to participate in this event every year as manpower. It inspires me most of really why I am staying at my current company, doing what I love — that is, I get to help the education sector in the Philippines in my own little way. Hearing the speeches of the honorees makes me want to salute all the teachers I know for their passion, hardwork and compassion to teach the next generation of this nation.

So to all the teachers, thank you for your hardwork and your compassion. Thank you for believing your students and thank you for thinking how the next generation of leaders are molded into the persons they could become.

Here are some photos from Bato Balani’s Tribute to Teachers 2017 last September 1:


The Idea of Giving Back

The past few weeks has been very busy for me, so pardon me if I update this blog just once a week. But in those few weeks, I can only sum up my weekends using two words: Giving Back.

I was the kind of gal who wondered if I can eventually make an impact to other people, and to the society as well. With the opportunities presented to me the past few weeks, I guess the heavens answered that simple question in my mind.

Making Connections

I had the opportunity to meet a guy who is into taking a degree in Instructional Design and Technology. He is just starting out in the field and is on the lookout to learn more. We met and were able to exchange ideas on elearning, international studies, and how can we make an impact in the education sector. Meeting him actually allowed me to share my insights on the industry; thus, giving him an opportunity to know how the education sector in Philippines is thriving with e-Learning. The simple act of sharing my knowledge and experience on the industry gave me that feeling of fulfillment, as I am able to help other people with their career goals.

Helping Mother Earth

I was invited by a friend to participate in a tree-planting activity at Mt. Balagbag in Bulacan. I usually participate in these kinds of activities so when the opportunity was available, there’s no time to say no. It was an opportunity to help the community since they have been into charcoal industry and planting trees would lessen the impact of this human activity. On one end, we cannot blame the community for burning and creating charcoal as it is their source of income, but we all know its effect to nature. Headed by Green Ants Environmental Camp, we and other volunteers planted more than a hundred seedlings. It was a fulfillment for me to be able to help Mother Nature, and while digging and planting those seedlings, I couldn’t help myself but think about the parable of the seeds found in Luke 8:4-8.

The Story of the Seeds

4-8As they went from town to town, a lot of people joined in and traveled along. He addressed them, using this story: “A farmer went out to sow his seed. Some of it fell on the road; it was tramped down and the birds ate it. Other seed fell in the gravel; it sprouted, but withered because it didn’t have good roots. Other seed fell in the weeds; the weeds grew with it and strangled it. Other seed fell in rich earth and produced a bumper crop.

I was hoping that time that my seedlings will grow and provide shelter. I realized how important for farmers to have good soil to plant the seeds, because when I encountered the rocky soil and the soil filled with weeds, I immediately doubted if these seedlings will grow. Lesson learned, a soil near the water source and with less rocks and weeds will allow any plant to grow abundantly. Just like our lives, if we allow our hearts to become fertile ground to the love of Jesus Christ, that love will grow abundantly not only to benefit us but also other people.

Participating in Social Responsibility

I had the opportunity to join an event of Maybank (private company) , Teach for the Philippines (NGO) and Renovate to Educate (NGO) to help Panghulo Elementary School in Malabon. The day’s activities included mural painting, fixing old chairs and tables, classroom repainting, chair repainting and seedling planting in the frontyard. We arrived in the area and started the activities around 8am. Immediately, we were briefed with what to do and we head on to work. My friends and I started planting the seedlings, landscaping and then afterwards, we helped repaint the chairs. While on break, I saw the sign in the classroom for the vision of the school — to see Filipinos love their country and be passionate in building the nation. I was moved, for even though it is just a reminder, it is what we really need right now given to what is happening in our country. We need people who love the country and passionate in building the nation, in whatever contribution they can. At the end of the activities, we were able to finish and meet our goal, and at the same time, help the principal and teachers be effective in teaching by providing their classroom needs.

All in all, I enjoyed doing these kinds of things and the idea of giving back in whatever form can give you fulfillment. However, I wanted to reiterate that I’ve already found fulfillment in Christ and this is just an overflow. I may only have little time in this world for we never know what will happen next, but the fact that I am able to contribute to the betterment of a person or nature or the world is already a fulfillment for me.

How about you? What makes you fulfilled? That’s a question you can ponder on. 😁

10 Things About MeΒ 

This is my 10th year blogging my heart out, but in the past ten years, I haven’t been faithful writing my thoughts and sharing it to you. (Blogging is really hard work, just like how you work hard for your relationships). πŸ˜„

So now, I’m giving you 10 things you might want to know about me:

10) I’m halfway through the year before I turn 30. 

Yes, I do not look like it, but I already have lots of experience in terms of love and life. Might I say I have a colorful past, I’m enjoying nevertheless my last few months of being 20-ish.


9) I have been a mother to babies with names that end in y, and I love them!

If my memory serves me right, I’ve been a friend and a mother to Smarty, Globey, Spotty and Lassy. I guess that obsession with letter Y never leaves me.


8) I am fond of watching Kdramas. 

Filipinos are fond of watching Kdramas and I’m just one of them. I remember back in the university when I would ask for copies of Kdrama after our exam period. I have a hard time remembering their names, though, I mostly like the storyline of most Kdrama series.


7) I have sweet-tooth.

I am fond of eating chocolates, cakes, ice cream and anything sweet. These foods make me hyper and giddy, as well as it serve as my brain food during intense brainstorming.


6) I love reading books!

I don’t have the talent to finish 400-page book in a few hours, but I love the feel of turning the page and learning about the characters in the story. Christian fiction novels are my favorite!


5) Forest or beach? Forest please!

And anything that comes with it. Falls, mountains, and nature are my element. I feel so relaxed, calm and peaceful whenever we have mountain trips.


4) I am a certified e-learning enthusiast.

For the past 7 years of my career, I have been exposed to the e-learning industry. I had trained teachers and students on how to use our e-learning product and now, I have been developing content for our e-learning system. This industry is one that is just booming in the Philippines so I am excited to see what’s in store for this industry, especially in the education sector.


3) Jollibee Chicken Joy and Mini Stop’s Fried Chicken, Peach Mango Pie and Dunkin Donut’s Choco Butternut are my comfort food. 

Whenever I feel so down, stressed and super hungry, I usually look for these food. These, for me, are heaven here on earth.


2) I have an on-off relationship with my bed. 

Yes. I’m single and during most of my free time, you would find me in my bed reading books, munching some junk foods, writing in my journal and sleeping for a normal of 10 hours. If I get so busy in a week which means I only get to sleep 2-3 hours, then after a day or two of continuous sleep deprivation, I would get sick and my body will force me to sleep for more than 12-15 hours. Abnormal? I do think so. I guess I still have this appetite for sleep like a teenager.


1) I’m more likely 70% introvert, 30% extrovert. 

I’ve improved, you know. Before, I would go inside my shell whenever I need to interact with people. I highly value my personal space. When I make friends, I make sure they’re just few but our relationships last longer.

When we grow older, we meet new people and we adjust to situations. That’s why there’s that 30% extroversion. Now, when I need to communicate with other people, I have that confidence to go out of my way and introduce myself.

So there. I hope you can relate with 10 little things about me. πŸ™‚

The Science Behind Effective eLearning Design

World of Technology Trends

A design, in general, is never random. It is purely a product of intention, plan and choice. It is always good to put in effort to make an appealing design, but at the same time, one needs to make sure that the design is effective and practical.
No matter how beautiful the design is, but if it does not communicate with the target audience, it would not be of any use.
If you learn about the science behind effective eLearning design, you would be able to communicate with your learners and help the understand more about your subject, change their perceptions and their way of thinking.

Characteristics of a Good eLearning Design
If you think colors, imagery, contrast, fonts and shapes are the only parameters that help you judge a design’s appeal, you need to stop thinking that way. There are other things that add more to a design’s appeal.

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Puso o Isip?

Pusong iniingatan, nasaan ka na?
Bakit nawala ka sa dati mong kinalalagyan
Bakit nga ba tumatalon ka na lamang nang biglaan?

Nandito lang ako, sabi ng puso ko
Nakatingin, nakatitig, nag-aabang
Nararamdaman ko ang nais mong ipaalam
Pero may pagkakataong ang paghihintay
ang isang bagay na dapat ipaglaban.

Maghintay ka!, sabi ng isip ko
Alam mo namang sa pagmamadali, walang
magandang kahihinatnan
Lahat ng bagay, may tamang panahon
Sa bawat panahon, may nararapat kang matutunan at ipangalandakan.

Ngunit bakit ganito, hindi ko maipaliwanag aking nadarama
Sa isang banda, nais ko sya’y laging makasama
Sa bawat sandali na nais ko syang makita
Tanging ninanais ay lubos ko syang makilala.


Minsan, puso, ika’y mapanlinlang
Minsan mo na akong dinaya sa iyong mga nararamdaman
Ngayong may pagkakataong ihayag ko ang aking mga ideya
Di ko na hahayaang masaktan pa sya
Sapagkat, ikaw puso, at sya na ating pagkatao,
ay nais kong maging masaya.


Isang beses lamang ako nagkamali, isip
Sa dinami dami ng ating pinagdaanan
Hindi mo ba hahayaang ang ating mahal na pagkatao ay tuluyang maging maligaya?


Sa isang pagkakamali mo, puso
Natutunan kong maging malakas
Natutunan kong unahin muna ang sarili ko
Sa bawat pagkakamali na nagawa mo
Hindi lang ikaw ang nasasaktan, pati ako
Sa bawat pagkakamali mo, lagi mong tatandaan
Ang aking mga natutunan ang syang magbibigay
direksyon sa iyong tatahaking daanan
Tama ka, isip, hahayaan kitang mag-isip
Pero hindi mo mapipigilan, aking nadarama kahit isang saglit
Pag-ibig na syang kakaiba
Alam mo namang hinahanap-hanap ko na.

Mas makabubuting hindi tayo magtalo
Bagkus, hayaan natin sya sa kanyang mga plano
Kung may balanse sa iyong damdamin at sa aking ideya
Sigurado, pag-ibig na wagas at tunay, kanya nang madarama.


O puso at isip, hindi ko alam sino ang susundin sa inyo
Isa lamang ang alam ko, naguguluhan ako
Sino ba dapat ang pakinggan, si isip o si puso
Para maramdamang tunay
ang pagmamahal na kay tagal nang hinintay?
Tama! Isa lamang ang alam ko na dapat gawin
Sa Maykapal, siguradong ako’y diringgin
Hahayaan ang puso maramdaman ang sarap ng pag-ibig
Hahayaan ang isip magsabi ng dapat gawin
Ngunit sa lahat ng ito, hahayaang ang Maykapal ang magdikta ng aking damdamin.

Ngayon alam ko na
Hindi na ako magugulumihanan pa
Puso man o isip ang syang paiiralin
Kung ang Maykapal ang may huling salita
Sa aking mahal, ako’y lubusang mamahalin.