2017: A Year I’m Thankful For

Year 2017 is nearing its end, and soon enough, we will be welcoming a brand new 2018. What are you grateful for the past year and what are you expecting for the year ahead? I have 3 things I'm grateful for, and another 3 things I'm looking forward for 2018. Things I'm Grateful For 2017 … Continue reading 2017: A Year I’m Thankful For


Sharing my Music

When I'm busy, stressed, down, tired or disappointed, I always go to my music playlist to lift up my spirit. Whenever life throws rocks instead of lemons back at me, I make sure to listen to these songs so I can just build a house made of rock, and become stronger than ever before.  

Doctor Day Today

When you're sick, you need to rest. Click to find out more.

My Love Letter to FL p2

How are you, my future love?

Thank God for Friends

Do you also thank God for your friends?