I Write Because..

I write because I see. I write because I read. I write because I feel. I write because I laugh. I write because I get sad. I write because I think. I write because I listen. I write because I am angry. I write because I am hungry. I write because I am happy. I … Continue reading I Write Because..


How I Started Reading for Pleasure

I've started 2018 right by reading a couple of books despite my busy schedule. It's difficult to squeeze in time for reading when I've got other activities, but I'm sooo loving the feeling of being encouraged, empowered or inspired after reading a book so I'm going to keep on this pace. Last year, a friend … Continue reading How I Started Reading for Pleasure

GenSan Family Escapade

It is faith that enabled me to accept a job at GenSan, and it is also faith that allowed me to bring my familyback to the place where I met my father and had my prayer answered. Just a few days ago, my threesome family just got here in GenSanĀ for some relaxation from a stressful … Continue reading GenSan Family Escapade

Travel Bangladesh

One Asian country that is continually on the rise is Bangladesh. Situated on South Asia, specifically on the northwest side of Myanmar, eastern side of India and northern bays of Bengal, Bangladesh takes pride on its agricultural landform to provide mostly the needs of its people. Aside from exporting jutes and tea, Bangladesh is also … Continue reading Travel Bangladesh