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In the Philippines, literacy difficulty is considered as a national problem. In an article by Pazzibugan (2004), the Department of Education has reported that many of the Filipino high school students are still non-readers. On 100 item competency tests, less than one percent of the 1.2 million incoming freshmen passed the elementary English, Math, and Science and there were less than one percent of the 84,000 examinees who scored at least 75% in tests.

FASTPREP, Inc. is a company that offers a “Read in less than 30 days or get your money back guarantee” instant reading program for children ages four and above. In the History of FASTPREP, the research and marketing team of PROTEACH, a teacher training service provider and research and curriculum developer, its founder has identified the underlying immense learning problems of school children that root down to their early foundations in reading. Because of this, they have planned and scientifically analyzed their unique reading program to develop it into a full-blown reading center service provider. Technically, their aim is to build strong academic and character foundations of children by developing the most basic foundation to learning – reading, writing and listening skills, using their reading program (Vision and Mission Statement, 2005).

My study, entitiled “An Analysis of Educational Communciation Strategy in Developing Reading Skills in a Month or Less Among Kids,” employed the single case study research design in determining the educational communication strategy designed by FASTPREP in developing the reading skills among kids in 30 days or less. It sought to understand the process through which FASTPREP develop the basic reading skills among children ages 4 to 6 by analyzing the features of their educational communication strategy. Also, it sought to gather the feedbacks of the parents who currently enrolled their child to identify their perception on the reading program.



The locales of the study were the three FASTPREP branches in Laguna specifically in Los Baños, San Pablo and Calamba. Data was gathered through key informant Interviews, focused interviews, one-shot survey and direct observations. Generally, my study concluded that its elements were systematic and interrelated with each other such that without one element, the educational communication strategy as used by FASTPREP would not be effective in developing reading skills. Moreover, each element is backed up by sound learning principles and guidelines in educational communication that’s why it was able to teach the basic foundation of reading among children in a month or less; thus, gaining the positive perception of parents on their educational communication strategy. 🙂

*** if you want to read a copy of my thesis regarding reading education, you may want to check it out at University of the Philippines Los Baños Main Library or you can ask any of the staff in FASTPREP. Here’s their site on how to franchise:

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