Design to Equip

I'm a solution-oriented product designer with more than 5 years UI/UX design and development experience. I'm passionate about solving design problems and working on new innovations. 

I'm interested to contribute
to your business needs with my expertise: 

UI/UX design – product development -- rapid prototyping
eLearning design and development (VR & Multimedia contents) 

Learning Platform

Problem: Several users had requested an improved user experience. In business perspective, updating the existing Learning platform is expensive.
Solution: Develop an entirely new Learning platform and work on priority features. 
Role: Product Designer, Core Product Manager

1. Ideate design solution based on UX research.
2. Create wireframes and get approval.
3. Develop design system and coordinate with Brand team and IT team for prototyping.
4. Design UI/UX and prototype per module.
5. Conduct functional and usability testing.
6. Create documentation.
Deliverables: Wireframes, Static Mockup Designs, Prototype, User Flows, QA Acceptance Tests 

Learning Platform

Enrollment System

Problem: There's an existing enrollment platform, but users had poor user experience.
Solution: Through user research, improve information architecture and user flow to improve user experience.
Role: UX Designer
1. Analyze user needs and information architecture
2. Design user flow and improved user journey.
3. Redesign UI and create mockup design.
4. Prototype designs in collaboration with developers.
5. Finalize approved user design and coordinate with developers for implementation.
Deliverables: User Personas, User flows, Wireframe, Prototype 

Enrollment System
VR 101 Training

VR Training

Problem: We had developed VR tours for educational purposes.
The eLearning specialists on the ground needed the training for increased user engagement.
Solution: Designed a training program for trainers and facilitators using the VR website and VR tours developed.
This training program includes Introduction to Virtual Reality and Integrating Virtual Reality in the Lessons.
Role: Instructional Designer, Facilitator (ILT)
Design Concepts: Bloom's Taxonomy, Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction
Deliverables: Training Needs Analysis, Training Materials, Presentation Deck,
Facilitator Guides for Training Implementation

VR Content Hub

Problem: With more than 50 VR tours, users want a seamless user experience for accessing all VR tours in one place.
Solution: Develop a responsive website that houses all VR tours created. This should be easy to navigate, put the focus on the tours available and can be viewed in cross-platform devices.
Role: Web Designer and Front-end Developer
1. Conduct user research and brainstorm design concepts.
2. Use VR design system to design the website.
3. Create wireframe and prototypes.
4. Develop the responsive website.
5. Conduct usability testing with end-users.
Deliverables: Wireframes, Prototype, Responsive Website

Enrollment System

VR Tours

Problem: Our learning platform has low user engagement, so we were looking to explore emerging technologies while improving the user's experience.
Solution: Developed VR tours for immersive experience via cross-platform devices. The VR tours have contents that allow learners do performance tasks and enjoy learning.
Role: UX Designer, Interactive Designer
1. Conduct user research and create user journey maps.
2. Develop the design system and guidelines in developing the VR tours.
3. Evaluate the 360 photos provided.
4. Research content and create storyboard.
5. Create UI design assets. 
6. Develop all resources into a VR tour. 
Deliverables: User journey maps, hi-fi Prototype, Design System, Design Assets, HTML5 VR Tours

VR tour