Buhay LIS: Genyo e-Learning Theme Song

This theme song was prepared as part of an entry for our annual department Christmas party (Training Dept) last 2012. This video and song has several versions, depending on the need.

Note: The music is originally composed by team-NCR, and the shots were taken using an ordinary Samsung phone and Sony point-and-shoot camera. One can consider these videos amateur, since we only have to take into consideration our resources at the time. However, all part of the video were taken with fun, enthusiasm and dedication.

Version 1: Draft of original theme song as sung by team NCR members. My clear copy was already lost so I just used this one for viewing purposes.

Version 2: Draft of the original theme song with lyrics. Some shots were edited to include bloopers.

Final Version: This is the version presented during our company event. The music was changed to include other singers from the department.

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