Compliance Program

Starting the year right — I’ve indulged myself with my first elearning project using the most common elearning authoring tool: Articulate Storyline. (Click photo to view demo).

Workplace Compliance
Workplace Compliance

This first project is an output made with Storyline using the basic features. I’ve gone over Learning with Articulate Storyline by Stephanie Harnett and so far, what I like about the book is that it is so straight forward and along the way, the author pushes the reader to create her own project based on each chapter of the book.

Learning Articulate Storyline by Stephanie Harnett

Thus, after reading the first six (6) chapters, here I am with my first output using Articulate Storyline.

A quick description on my first elearning project:

1) This course is intended for employee compliance and I’ve used a template from the articulate community. The content is mainly from, with some of the text paraphrased to ensure no particular company will be related.

2) I used the basic features:

  1. project templates
  2. slide master
  3. characters
  4. sound clips and video
  5. buttons and icons
  6. layers
  7. hotspots such as markers, button sets and lightbox
  8. feedback and feedback master
  9. player feature

3) I’ve not exactly followed what’s on the book for the design features, but most of the content interactivity are from the instructions in the book. I’ve also ensured there is somewhat some smooth flow of idea just so the user can easily navigate.

I guess this elearning project is not bad for my first. If you can give me comments to further improve, I’d greatly appreciate it. 🙂

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