What I Like About Genyo eLearning

Recently, we had product display during the CEAP convention in Davao, and I had the chance to interact with some school coordinator, administrators and some teachers. I got the chance to explain about our books, magazines and our e-Learning product. What’s more, I got the chance to appreciate fully our products because it is one in the market that offers much more than our competitors.


So, as an e-Learning advocate and a Genyo supporter since 2010, what do I like about Genyo e-Learning?


  1. Training and Technology Integration

    • With Genyo, teachers are trained to use the e-Learning platform at the start of the school year and at other dates as needed all year round. The teachers and the students not only gets trained about the system, but really, how to integrate its use inside the classroom, and during school events. There are schools who used Genyo for their quizzes, and others for their online quarterly examinations. There are also who used the platform for school-wide election, and others who use it for survey, or any other subject-related event such as Buwan ng Wika, English Month, or any even the World Teacher’s day.
    • Technology Integration is one standard required in the Philippine K-12 curriculum of the Department of Education, so with Genyo, it would be seamless to apply this standard for schools. There are also several schools who use Genyo for their PAASCU accreditation.
    • Malate Catholic School who has implemented their hybrid program with integrating technology in their curriculum is already a testament to how the training and technology integration can be successful for e-Learning implementation. Also, forums for training the administrators are provided so these schools can be at par in their e-Learning implementation with the global standards. You can read more on this article.
    • Lastly, the help of Learning Integration Specialists assigned in schools all-year-round makes it a better opportunity for the schools to move forward with e-Learning.
  2. Curriculum-Aligned Content

    • Genyo already has content housed inside its platform — with topics for English, Math, Science, Araling Panlipunan and Filipino. These content are animated, and ready-made. What’s more, our team already developed contents that are aligned with the learning competencies of the Philippine K-12 curriculum guide. One thing you just need to do is search the thousand contents that we have for your topic.
    • What if the contents are not aligned in your school curriculum? Don’t worry. There are options for the contents in Genyo to be mapped out to your curriculum, just ask the Learning Integration Specialist how to do it.
    • Last but not the least, aside from the lessons, there are also quizzes, games and interactive activities inside the platform that both teachers and students can take advantage of. These quizzes are either aligned with the lessons, or stand-alone. If you opt to customize a game that you can do for your lesson, no problem! That is possible too with our platform.
  3. Customizable Modules

    • Suppose you are a teacher, do you have less time for yourself because you need to do several administrative tasks as add-on for your lessons? With Genyo, you can just customize and create your own lesson packages from our own content, your own PowerPoint file, or just a link from your references list. You can also create quizzes and allow these to be assigned to your students as reviewer for an exam, or just a quiz included in your lesson. These lessons and quizzes also give you immediate feedback (if you opt it), so on your end, you can immediately analyze if your students did well for the quiz you’ve assigned. So, if you’re a teacher, tracking your student’s progress is very very important.
    • Announcements are also important especially if the school don’t have classes (maybe because of class suspension) yet teachers want the students to work on their homework. Instead of having the students just check social media, why not take advantage of technology to shout out those school requirements? For the past years, Genyo has been used as an announcement platform during on-the-spot suspension of classes because of provincial events, or even natural disasters coming their way.


So there. For the past years, I have worked as a Genyo advocate so I have an idea of how Genyo works and how it helps students, teachers and schools in integrating technology into their lessons and their school curriculum. I think these are also the reasons our partner schools have taken advantage since they have started their e-Learning journey with us. 🙂


Boosting e-classroom in Quantum: GENYO Activities

 One step ahead in e-Learning. This is what Quantum students from General Santos City experienced as they take part in several school activities for the month of July.

            The Quantum Academy Inc., now on its second year subscription of using GENYO e-learning, is maximizing the use of technology as some of its activities kicked off when the month of July started.

            GENYO class. From chalk and chalkboard to whiteboard and marker; now, computers and internet. These are the new tools of learning for students as they read and listen to their lessons online inside the classroom and answer their interactive activities in the computer room. As the school moved a notch higher in upgrading their facilities by adding up computers and internet in each classroom, the students not only benefit from the eye-popping visuals and its accompanying audio but at the same they enjoy learning their lessons.


          As what Reginald Falgui III, a grade six student said, “GENYO is helpful especially in Science because when our teacher can’t fully explain or draw properly our lesson like cells, she uses GENYO and we easily learn. It is much easier with GENYO.”

            Online Teacher Diagnostic Test.  To measure the student’s capabilities at the start of the school year, Quantum teachers conduct an exam in their specified subject area and this time, the school decided to make it online. Using the test builder feature of GENYO, teachers had converted their own tests and let the students answer the questions. Results were then easily tracked to check on the student’s competence.




           Online Student Election.  Teachers don’t need to print several copies of paper for an event done only once. This time around, high school students voted their choice for the student government (SG) leaders online with just a click of a button. Within minutes, SG adviser Virgil Faderogao was able to trace the winners from the election using the Survey feature of GENYO and declare the new set of winners during the weekly assembly of students. As he had mentioned, “With GENYO, we get fast and accurate results in a matter of few minutes. After the election, we already knew the winners for the student government officers this school year.”



         Homepage Development and PowerPoint Presentation. In celebration of the Nutrition month, Quantum students also created their own homepage and PowerPoint presentation with themes on Cottage Industry and Livelihood. Given a time limit, students designed their own homepage and powerpoint in which they uploaded in GENYO via the offline homework feature.

 “GENYO paved the way for easy transmission of file. With the aid of its offline homework, access for Homepage Development final presentation became a breeze as we just download all their entries in just a few clicks in a different computer,” Dealson Bagorio said as he facilitated the event during the HELE/TLE week.

             Using the offline homework feature of GENYO, students are able to upload their final work online and teachers download it in another computer for checking. With this, students also have a back up copy of their work when technical difficulties were encountered during the event.

           Other activities that helped Quantum boost e-classroom include teacher trainings wherein the on-site learning integration specialist conduct trainings on several features of the GENYO e-learning system. Also, students went through the online elimination of Battle of the Brains, an intra-school quiz bee competition to measure the students’ academic capabilities. Truly, these activities make Quantum one step ahead in integrating technology in the classroom. For further information, you can check out http://www.genyo.com.ph.#

Quantum ready for “future classrooms”

Let your school take the lead.

In response to the Philippine government’s campaign to utilize ICT as a tool for learning, The Quantum Academy, Inc. in General Santos City launched GENYO, an online e-learning integrated program which serves as virtual classroom for both students and teachers.

GENYO, or Generation Youth, is powered by the two leading educational providers in Singapore and Philippines namely Marshall Cavendish Online and DIWA Learning Systems. Focused on the learning of today’s generation, GENYO is curriculum-based, student centric and promotes learning beyond the classroom. With the advent of technological advances, the internet will no longer be just for surfing, playing games, or watching videos but it will now be used for a more educational and enjoyable learning.

With an exclusive online subscription, Quantum students are able to browse different multimedia tutorial lessons and quizzes for English, Math, Science, Filipino and Araling Panlipuan/Hekasi that they can review either at school or at home for enrichment purposes.

In addition to this, teachers benefit from this online learning website as it serves as their tool for creating their own online lessons, games and tests that they can send to the student’s accounts for easier follow-up.

“For me, I like the online tests because it allows me to create the quiz earlier before the class and it lessens my work in checking the papers of my grade 1 students. With GENYO, I can immediately track the student with the highest score and give them a reward by allowing them to play a game after the quiz,” said Teacher Chiene, grade 1 adviser.  She also said that in subjects like Science and Sibika at Kultura, GENYO is also a big help because those things that cannot be easily pictured out by students, they can show through GENYO.

Teachers can also customize their lessons in GENYO that is much more suitable for their lessons. They can select lessons from GENYO, upload their own file or search from other websites and combine it to one single lesson that they can show to the students during class or even send it to their accounts.

“I really like GENYO because it helped me a lot especially in preparing visual aids. It’s very hard for me to look for pictures and materials for their TLE class, but with the help of GENYO, I can easily assign a lesson from YouTube, filter all the videos related to our lessons and show it to class,” shared Teacher Jennifer, a high school Technology and Livelihood Education teacher.

Even minor subject teachers of Music, TLE and Computer benefit from the advantages of using GENYO.

As Teacher Dealson of Computer subject said, “I use the offline homework feature of GENYO because it allows me to check the works of the students easily, without looking at their folders in each computer. Even at home, I can easily download their work and start checking. ”

Since the student’s lessons are delivered via the World Wide Web, classroom discussions come alive as the interactive multimedia content like animations, colorful graphics with audio and videos easily catch the student’s attention. Aside from enjoying these visuals, the students are also able to do their seat works or quizzes online either in Math, Science, English or Hekasi.

Quantum students also became highly participative in the school activities supported by GENYO. With the GENYO Pagsulat ng Sanaysay and the GENYO English Essay Writing Contest, they are able to squeeze out their creative juices in writing essays using the computer. Students in grade school and high school also had a glimpse of graphics design by creating their own poster and slogan using MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop.

“I like the poster and slogan contest because it gives us an idea on how we can be as creative as possible using technology, plus we are being competitive because we aim to get the medal,” shared Kate Montecillo, a grade 6 student.

Other activities supported by GENYO are the Battle of the Brains, LTRLinx Challenge, Gawad Genyong Guro (G3) and essay contests for both teachers and students.

GENYO is also used as a supplementary material for students who needed further review and follow-up on their lessons.  As such, The Quantum Academy, Inc. maximizes the use of GENYO and takes the lead in the academic community.

For further information, you can log on to www. genyo.com.ph.  #