Sharing my Music

When I'm busy, stressed, down, tired or disappointed, I always go to my music playlist to lift up my spirit. Whenever life throws rocks instead of lemons back at me, I make sure to listen to these songs so I can just build a house made of rock, and become stronger than ever before.  


Hope for Eternity

The past month have been very busy for me, emotionally and spiritually. Last August 28, four of my closest friends in church died after crossing the Tarlac river. They just finished their outreach mission of teaching the kids of the Aeta community about Jesus that time. Unfortunately, rains poured down and the water level increased significantly that they … Continue reading Hope for Eternity

Waiting on God

Let me share a chapter of my love story. Ten years ago, I was a gal innocently going through the motions of life. I was a high school student, A lister, a nerd (as they say) and just a normal looking person who is wishing for a God-written love story. But the world has its … Continue reading Waiting on God

GenSan Family Escapade

It is faith that enabled me to accept a job at GenSan, and it is also faith that allowed me to bring my familyback to the place where I met my father and had my prayer answered. Just a few days ago, my threesome family just got here in GenSan for some relaxation from a stressful … Continue reading GenSan Family Escapade