Design to Equip

As a designer, I help businesses equip users & solve product challenges through iterative design and development of new products. My areas of focus are the following:

UI/UX research – product design and development -- rapid prototyping
eLearning development (VR & Multimedia contents) - learning management systems 

Learning Platform

Designed the user interface and the user experience of the learning platform, with development in collaboration with system developers. Also managed the development of the features using agile practices. 

  • Role: Product Designer, Core Product Manager
  • Deliverables: Wireframes, Static Mockup Designs, Prototype, User Flows, QA Acceptance Tests 
Learning Platform

Enrollment System

Researched on the user's challenges when using the product and redesigned the user interface for improved user experience. Collaborated with system developers for implementation. 

  • Role: UX Designer
  • Deliverables: User Personas, User flows, Wireframe, Prototype 
Enrollment System
VR 101 Training

VR Starter Training

Designed a training program for trainers and facilitators using the VR website and VR tours developed.
This training program includes Introduction to Virtual Reality (VR 101) and Integrating Virtual Reality in the Lesson (VR 201). 

Role:  Instructional Designer, Facilitator (ILT)
Design Concepts: Bloom's Taxonomy, Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction
Deliverables: Training Needs Analysis, Training Materials, Presentation Deck,
Facilitator Guides for Training Implementation

VR Website

VR Content Hub

Designed and developed the website housing all virtual tours for local and international destinations. This website serves as a content hub for all the educational contents in virtual reality format linked to the learning platform for students.

Role:  Web Designer, Front-end web developer
Deliverables: Wireframes, Prototype, Responsive Website

Rizal Park VR Tour

Educational VR Tour

Designed the learning experience for each virtual tour. 
Designed the branding assets (icons, infographic, VR skins) and developed the interactivity of each VR tour. 

Role:  Learning Designer, UX Designer
Deliverables: Wireframes, Hi-fi Prototype, Design Assets, Design System, HTML5 VR Tours