Hope for Eternity

The past month have been very busy for me, emotionally and spiritually. Last August 28, four of my closest friends in church died after crossing the Tarlac river. They just finished their outreach mission of teaching the kids of the Aeta community about Jesus that time. Unfortunately, rains poured down and the water level increased significantly that they were caught off guard and died afterwards. It was an emotional time for me and my friends as we mourned for their loss. Even though we experienced the loss of our dear friends, I appreciate the fact that we were not alone in this ordeal. My friends and churchmates were … Continue reading Hope for Eternity


Originally posted on Blu27:
If you are seeing all over the internet the news about the approval same-sex marriage nationwide by the US Supreme Court you are seeing it right. June 27, 2015 marks the day LGBT supporter’s calls victory but for Bible believing Christians this is the day that a nation’s morality died. This is just the beginning of much greater things to come. In this social media crazy world information were broadcasted every split second I believe the news reached worldwide 60 seconds or less than that after the court ruling was announced. This is sad but true.… Continue reading THE SODOM AND GOMORRAH EFFECT


Have you ever loved someone? Have you ever felt the feeling that you have found the one? Well, in my case, I don’t know if he’s right guy for me But I always prayed to God that, someday, somehow, he would be my destiny. Ok, I know I’m still young and have lots of things to learn But what can I do? I am only a human, a being capable of loving I know I must first have great titles to earn Before I can venture in the world full loving and caring. I guess you’d be surprised if I … Continue reading Still