Do You have a Pioneering Heart?

I have listened to the podcast of Brian Houston of Hillsong countless times about having a pioneering heart. I have taken notes, and at some point, got bored with it so I played around with words and colors. 

Who are the pioneers?

What are the characteristics of those with a pioneering heart?

Lastly, what’s in it for us if we have a pioneering heart?

10 Things About Me 

This is my 10th year blogging my heart out, but in the past ten years, I haven’t been faithful writing my thoughts and sharing it to you. (Blogging is really hard work, just like how you work hard for your relationships). 😄

So now, I’m giving you 10 things you might want to know about me:

10) I’m halfway through the year before I turn 30. 

Yes, I do not look like it, but I already have lots of experience in terms of love and life. Might I say I have a colorful past, I’m enjoying nevertheless my last few months of being 20-ish.


9) I have been a mother to babies with names that end in y, and I love them!

If my memory serves me right, I’ve been a friend and a mother to Smarty, Globey, Spotty and Lassy. I guess that obsession with letter Y never leaves me.


8) I am fond of watching Kdramas. 

Filipinos are fond of watching Kdramas and I’m just one of them. I remember back in the university when I would ask for copies of Kdrama after our exam period. I have a hard time remembering their names, though, I mostly like the storyline of most Kdrama series.


7) I have sweet-tooth.

I am fond of eating chocolates, cakes, ice cream and anything sweet. These foods make me hyper and giddy, as well as it serve as my brain food during intense brainstorming.


6) I love reading books!

I don’t have the talent to finish 400-page book in a few hours, but I love the feel of turning the page and learning about the characters in the story. Christian fiction novels are my favorite!


5) Forest or beach? Forest please!

And anything that comes with it. Falls, mountains, and nature are my element. I feel so relaxed, calm and peaceful whenever we have mountain trips.


4) I am a certified e-learning enthusiast.

For the past 7 years of my career, I have been exposed to the e-learning industry. I had trained teachers and students on how to use our e-learning product and now, I have been developing content for our e-learning system. This industry is one that is just booming in the Philippines so I am excited to see what’s in store for this industry, especially in the education sector.


3) Jollibee Chicken Joy and Mini Stop’s Fried Chicken, Peach Mango Pie and Dunkin Donut’s Choco Butternut are my comfort food. 

Whenever I feel so down, stressed and super hungry, I usually look for these food. These, for me, are heaven here on earth.


2) I have an on-off relationship with my bed. 

Yes. I’m single and during most of my free time, you would find me in my bed reading books, muching some junk foods, writing in my journal and sleeping for a normal of 10 hours. If I get so busy in a week which means I only get to sleep 2-3 hours, then after a day or two of continuous sleep deprivation, I would get sick and my body will force me to sleep for more than 12-15 hours. Abnormal? I do think so. I guess I still have this appetite for sleep like a teenager.


1) I’m more likely 70% introvert, 30% extrovert. 

I’ve improved, you know. Before, I would go inside my shell whenever I need to interact with people. I highly value my personal space. When I make friends, I make sure they’re just few but our relationships last longer.

When we grow older, we meet new people and we adjust to situations. That’s why there’s that 30% extroversion. Now, when I need to communicate with other people, I have that confidence to go out of my way and introduce myself.

So there. I hope you can relate with 10 little things about me. 🙂

Coron Escapade

Back in February 2016, I had one of the most memorable vacation in my life. It was when for the first time, I traveled with my family for a 4-day, 3-night bonding.


Day 1

We arrived early at Coron and were picked up by the crew of the hotel where we stayed for the duration of our stay. Originally, our tour package included a city tour around Coron which involves trekking to the City’s hilltop. Thinking my mom would have a hard time doing this activity, we changed itinerary: 3 days for island hopping and then a day for rest in the city. 

So there. By 9am, we were ready for our island hopping. I forgot the names of the islands we visited, but one thing is for sure: they have pristine white beaches, and untouched beauty that one would be so giddy to explore. 

In the afternoon, our tour guide stopped in the middle of the sea,  only to join other boat guides in their party showdown. Loud sounds and a party playlist exploded in my senses. The other guests were also hooked. This was just the 1st day and I was enjoying my stay.

Day 2

For most of the day, we visited the shipwreck sites and had some snorkeling. We also made some new friends along the way. 

Here’s some of our sumptous lunch that included fish, seafood meat, and veggies.

Day 3

Our last day for the island hopping included some trekking at the Kayangan Lake, and another swimming exercise at the Lagoon. We didn’t forget to have the famous shot by the sea, though. 🙂

This is by far my favorite groufie shot. 🙂

The tide was high and we had rough seas here. Yet, we managed our winning smiles in both photo.

Lastly, when you see a pig by the beach, you’ll know your stay will be an enjoyable one.

Our Coron escapade was really an enjoyable one. If you happen to visit the Philippines, don’t forget to see those world-class beaches and islands in Busuanga (Coron), Palawan. Aside from island hopping, you can also do a Safari Tour and a City tour if you’re the nature and forest type of person. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day

Today, in the Philippines, we celebrate the father’s day, along with all the goodness, protection and discipline they’ve imparted us. For today, I want to honor both my father and my mother. 

10 years ago

 An opportunity came for Papa to work in General Santos City. It was a hard decision for him, but he went anyway to provide for his family. At that time, I was just a sophomore in college and my sister just entering the university. 

Then, the unthinkable happened. All communication and financial support were cut off. We were left in the dark. We had to support ourselves. 

My mother took on the role of being a mother and a father at the same time. She worked on several jobs: being an insurance agent, a realty agent and being the father we needed the most. She disciplined us, loved us, helped us, and for that, I wanted to honor her today. 

5 years ago

When I got the opportunity to work in GenSan, I know I’d be facing my greatest fear and longing at the same time — my father. 

I’m afraid that if we met, I’ll be blaming him for all the difficult times or I’ll have bad news instead. I’m longing because as a daughter, I still wanted to have that father to call. 

Needless to say, we were able to meet and reconcile as I’ve written in this post. That was one of the best decisions in my life — forgiving my father and freeing myself from the baggage all these years. I admit, after our reconciliation, it’s as if a heavy burden is taken away from me. 

After a year of this reconciliation, I was able to bring my family to GenSan so they can have their own independence as well. In the photo was my family gathered together after several years of separation. 🙂

So, for all the fathers out there,

Happy Father’s day! You rock! Thank you for providing and loving your family. 

For the mothers, guardians, and grandparents who became that father-figure for all those children lost with one, 

Happy Father’s day! Your unconditional love is what keeps children like us going in this journey.

For those men who just become fathers, 

Happy Father’s day! Be the kind of father your child will look up to in the coming years.

For the fathers and soldiers who are fighting the war to protect their country and their loved ones, especially those in Marawi, Basilan and Sulu,

Happy Father’s day! We appreciate your sacrifices to keep the children of the country safe. Thank you for making the decision to love the country and fight for us.

And lastly, I wanted to honor my Father in heaven for loving us unconditionally and giving His one and only begotten son to die on the cross to save us from our sins,

Happy Father’s day, Tatay! Thank you for your unconditional love. Praying that I’ll be giving glory to Your name wherever I go.

I’m hoping in one way or another,  you’ll say a word of thanks to your father. That appreciation will definitely go a long way. 

My Passion and Yearnings

It has been a year and a half when I felt attracted to a guy and ever since, I have been praying to God to let those yearnings go away if we are not meant to be. It is through this attraction that I have learned to offer my love life to God, little by little, until I learned to wait patiently on Him, whether or not I will receive the reciprocation to this longing I have for so long.

It is also this attraction to the guy have I learned to let Thy will be done, to hope and accept for what may be a future forgone. My emotions are making everything complicated, yet God is making a way to make me understand what He wants me to learn.

I am currently reading Passion and Purity by Elizabeth Elliot and this book has given me insights on my current situation. This quote summarizes what I have learned so far after a year of waiting on God, keeping that passion at bay:

If the yearnings went away, what would we have to offer up to the Lord? Aren’t they given to us to offer? It is the control of passion, not its eradication, that is needed. How would we learn to submit to the authority of Christ if we had nothing to submit?

Everything on this book is spot on to what I am feeling. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next month, the hope for this love will be reciprocated. But also, maybe not.

One thing for sure, through this season of waiting in my life, I have learned to be much more intimate in my relationship with Jesus.

What is God’s Purpose in your Life?

As I was reading my Bible, I am reminded that whatever plans I have, if it is not under God’s will, it will not prevail.

As what is said in Proverbs 16:1-4 (MSG),

I realized four things just reading this verse:

1. It will be useless to start planning and executing everything if we don’t put God first.

There will always come a time when we will feel so tired doing projects, expecting gains from our investments and constantly rendering overtime to work for our dreams. We are humans and we cannot do everything at once. What is more disappointing is if you’ve invested so much effort then at the end of the day, you’ll never get what you worked for. This is for this reason King Solomon wanted us to put God first in everything. Why? Because God has the last say, and if that is the case, we might want to plan with the person who has the last say in mind.

2. We dwell on the outer circumstances, but God focuses on our intentions. 

I always say yes to those that I see are right, or those that would benefit me. But then, He digs deep to our intentions. Why are you doing the things you do right now? For attention? For recognition? For things that are temporary? He knows. But He cares.

3. Putting God first in our plans will allow us to see God’s hand move on our behalf. 

This becomes an assurance for me that I don’t always have to worry if after all the planning and executing I’ve done, the results are not what I expect to happen. Nor will I worry too much on how to execute the plans I have determined in my heart. Why? Because I know, at the end of it all, God will put everything in place.

4. God has a purpose for the small and big things that happen, even for judgment.

Everything is planned for and has consequences. It could be that appointment you received to sell your house that gave you a blessing you haven’t expected. Or that phone call you received to visit your parents because that could be the last time you’ll see them. Whatever it may be, God is giving us an idea that we are all weaved together for His plans, for better or for worse.

As I remember in another verse:

Romans 8:28 (NIV)

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.


We may have different likes and interests. My chosen career may be different from yours. But definitely, where your heart is, there your treasure will be as well. If you learn to put God as the caretaker of your treasure, I’m sure He will guard it, make it grow and shine more, and lastly, give glory to His name. Afterall, we are created for His glory. He created us to give Him glory in everything we do.

That, I believe, is the purpose of my life and yours.

My Letter to You 

Hello, everyone! 
I would like to reintroduce myself to you who have been following me since the previous years. I am Yza, and my name is pronounced as Wyza; hence, the name of this blog. 🙂 

Year 2007 when I had this dream to have my own blog and write about anything I can share to anyone. I was still a student then, yet that desire to hone my writing skills and share a bit about me started growing and growing. 

If you browsed my archive, you might have read some of my petty posts about love, family and life. I have also shared a bit of what I do as my career, so you might have an idea that I love anything about eLearning. But even after 10 years of writing about bits and pieces about me, I feel the need to share more about what I’ve learned, what I feel, and what I do everyday that would help inspire other people. I still have lots of things to learn, but this time, I want to include you in my journey about love and learning about life. 

Join me as I explore more about life in my next set of posts every week. I will be sharing about my thoughts about love since 10 years have passed and I know better. I will be opening my journal to you so you’ll have a glimpse of what God has done in my life. Lastly, I will be writing letters to the One I have yet to meet so you’ll be witnessing a love story I believe God will write for me. I know, in one way or another, you have same thoughts as mine. 

I’ll be starting each post with a verse from the Bible. I believe that holding on to something will keep me from falling for anything. I hope you don’t mind me sharing those verses. 

If in one way or another you have questions or ideas you want to share, don’t be afraid to comment as I would really appreciate it. Who knows, your thoughts may also help other people. 🙂

So now, let’s journey together in this road called life.
Your life companion,