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As a designer, I strive to learn the trend in designing solutions and improve my craft every single day. I am always curious to become better, and try out new solutions to hone my skills.

Enjoy browsing my numerous attempts at trying to innovate. 
Who knows, we may have common interests, and maybe we can partner building things in the future! 

Design Thinking Tools

Design Thinking Tools for Creating Training

Role: Instructional Designer

In this mini-project, I designed the content for the topic Design Thinking Tools for Creating Training. I did this as an exam for an instructional design role, time-pressured to meet the deadline within 12 hours.

First, I researched and wrote the content, then organized the format and revised as needed. Once I'm comfortable with it, I developed the module in Articulate 360, and prepared the assets in Figma. I played around with the interactivities and enjoyed producing a quick interactive module for facilitators preparing their training program.

Python Reviewer

Code In Place Concept Reviewer. Know more here

Role: Python Developer

When COVID hit in March 2020, I was one of those people affected by pay-cuts and lay off. For quite a period of time, I have no work, no income and no idea what to do. I have my fair share of savings, so that helped a lot during the crisis. To pass the time, I applied for Stanford University's Code In Place. Luckily, I got in and became part of the 10,000 students around the world who learned to code in Python for free for about 3 months. 

I really enjoyed the learning experience, and my desire to hone my skills in software development to complement my design skills began to inflame. Well, maybe I can be a certified developer in the future. Who knows. 😉

Social Media Prototype for Art Students

Social Media for Art Students. See the interactive website here

Role: Front-end developer

In 2018, I participated in our company's training for a product hackathon. For 5 days, our team had to identify a problem, validate a potential solution and develop a prototype. We came up with a problem that most Art students encountered where they want to express their creativity in a safe and learning environment. As the developer, I worked on the prototype for a social media website where students can upload their artworks, gain feedback from mentors and learn together with peers while taking art courses. 

Interactive Modules

In various instances, I have to prepare a quick interactive module as a prototype for the trainings I conducted.
I also prepared a game in virtual reality format for marketing purposes. 
Feel free to browse any that piques your interest. 

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